Here at Top Embroidery, we want to make sure you have all of the important information when you are creating your order and designing your logo. So far, we have already told you about colour psychology and how the colours in your logo can change the way people feel about your company. Now we’re going to tell you about the kinds of threads we use, why they’re amazing and which thread is best for different logos.

Madeira Threads

The main threads we use are from Madeira, they offer a huge range of all different threads that are suitable for pretty much any fabric. Some of the ranges come in over 400 colours and they even have threads that are fire resistant, which are perfect for firefighter uniforms!

In this post, we’ll mostly be talking about the difference between the two main classic threads, Polyneon Polyester threads and Classic Rayon Viscose thread. This is because both of these threads come in an abundance of colours and are the most common threads that we use when we embroider your uniforms. Of course, we can embroider with any thread you like, but typically if it isn’t one of these then we’ll ask you to provide it for us.


Polyester vs Natural

So firstly, what’s the main difference between them? Well, the Polyneon thread isn’t a natural thread, it’s a manmade fibre, it’s made from oil and has a really great artificial sheen and is slightly harder to touch. Whereas Rayon thread is a natural fibre from trees and is more commonly known as “artificial silk” because of the natural soft sheen.

Polyneon thread is really good to use on workwear, swimwear and denim because the vibrant colours are resistant to chlorine, bleach and stonewashing, which means that you can do the stuff you love without having to worry about ruining your clothes! Rayon thread is better used for the sports and fashion industry due to the lustre and special characteristics of the thread, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear them every day though. In fact, Rayon thread actually has a much higher wet strength, so it’ll give a longer life for washable items.

Rayon thread makes precise and clear embroidery much easier as it’s versatile and flexible and can run on the machines at high speed with minimal thread breakage. The Polyneon thread isn’t too different in terms of embroidery, the polyester formula makes the thread extremely durable and smooth running when it’s on the machine. Polyneon thread eliminates puckering, which causes the garment to gather and fold around the embroidery. It also stops virtually all thread breaks, which means it can be run at high speeds, just like Rayon thread.

Polyneon threads aren’t recommended for use on fine or dense fabrics, whereas Rayon thread is suitable for all types of background fabrics.


Thread Thickness

When you start to read about threads, you’ll quickly come across a number of different styles of thickness for these types of threads, so here’s a quick breakdown of the main ones:

  • No.40 – The standard embroidery thread, which is ideal for most designs and perfect for high speed embroidery machines. This is typically the thickness of thread we use when we embroider your logos. This thickness is available in both Rayon and Polyneon thread which each providing over 400 colours.
  • No.30 – This is a slightly thicker thread and is really handy if you want to cut down your stitch count and also production time when producing larger designs. This thickness is only available in Rayon thread and Madeira offers 180 colours in this thread.
  • No.60 – This thread is used wherever there’s fine lettering or small detail on a logo, it can also be used for decorative stitching on delicate fabric. The Polyneon thread is available in 100 colours, whereas the Rayon thread is only available in 65.
  • No.12 – The twist in this thread makes it a really great choice for edging garments and badges, but is only available in 45 colours in Rayon thread.
  • No.75 – This thread is only available in Polyneon and is perfect for fine detail and letting less than 3mm is achievable with this superfine thread.

One of the best things about these threads is because they’re so similar, you can usually use a mix of these two threads in one logo. Both of the threads can be washed with detergent at 95℃, but the Polyneon threads can also be put through a heavy duty wash, bleach washing, chlorine and stone washing.

Alternative Thread Types

The other cool threads to take into consideration when designing your logo are the Frosted Matt threads and the FS Metallic and Supertwist threads. They do pretty much what they say on the tin. The Frosted Matt threads are a collection of beautiful threads that have a unique matt appearance, which look great if you want a more subtle look on your uniform, they’re available in No.40, in an array of different colours including hi-vis neon and even a wool thread, which would be great on knitwear!


The Metallic threads are absolutely stunning if you want your logo to shine and stand out, they come in an array of different colours and styles, with some being metallic, others being glittery and others being a mix of both. Usually we wouldn’t embroidery a whole logo using this thread, but sometimes using it to add a small part that is metallic or letters can be really nice.


Top Embroidery

At Top Embroidery, we pride ourselves on a fast and secure delivery, every time. We do all of the work in-house, using our state-of-the-art equipment, this means we will be able to meet your requirements and deadlines on time. If you need your personalised clothing as soon as possible, then make sure to tell our sales team when placing your order, we often work miracles and can usually shuffle our production schedule to fulfill your needs.

If you want any more information or are interested about ordering our fantastic pick of the week, then drop our sales team an email at [email protected] or give us a call on 0118 9120 420

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