Of all the garments we supply and personalise at Top Embroidery, there’s probably no wider range than our jackets. And, of course, with the best British summer for years drawing to a close, many people’s thoughts will soon be turning to warmer clothing.

But whoever thinks that a jacket is simply an item of clothing to keep warm, should think again. Sure, most jackets are designed to afford some kind of protection against the elements – whether cold weather, wind, rain and even snow (or all of these). But they also represent a fantastic opportunity to publicise your brand … whether you’re a company, event organiser, club or sports team.

How can you make the most of this opportunity?

At work, your employees will love to receive a jacket personalised with the company branding. For them, the protection aspect – especially in colder months – will show that you’re a caring employer. And somehow, because it’s more substantial than a shirt (and generally carries a higher price tag) they’ll be proud to wear it whether on their commute, out for lunch (or smoking break) or at the weekend. Also – if you have a mobile workforce – a personalised jacket is a great way to identify your employees working on customer sites or delivering your products

We’ve talked about incentivising and publicising for companies, but why else would you buy jackets from us? You could sell them. You could supply them to your sports team or band. And, of course, they make fabulous promotional gifts which have a high perceived value as well as a real practical benefit.

Nowadays, methods of personalising a jacket have become so sophisticated that the possibilities are as wide as your imagination. You may want to reproduce a complex pattern in many colours across the whole back of the garment … or a list of tour dates (for your band or sports team). For a professional supplier, neither are a problem, so neither, of course, is simply embroidering your logo on the breast.

What’s the best type of jacket you can buy? Only you know the answer to that, depending on your needs. Check out our superb range – which includes a shortlist of our favourite Polos and Jackets.

Why not have a chat with a member of our sales team, who can also advise on all other aspects of portraying your image at its very best? You can contact them by email at [email protected] or give them a call on 0118 9120 420. If you place an order for personalised jackets before 31st August 2018, we’ll throw in the delivery, free of charge.

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