We have continued our investment and development in our printing services and offer a comprehensive range of hot press vinyl and digital transfer printing processes.

Originally, the application of cut vinyl material was a successful way to cover large areas of small quantities of garments with printed material. Whilst this is still the case, the processes have certainly evolved from this method. Today, we have a huge range of highly technical materials and application processes which offer new options not previously available.

With any complex process, we start with a review of what's required, consider the best options and then plan a successful decoration and delivery! Keeping in mind cost efficiency, we will calculate optimum sizes along with use of the best materials and spacing for the job. These options are often varied, for example, with Xpres we can offer materials such as Ultra-Cut, Super-Flex, and Sport-Flex. This is just a small selection from an extensive range. This is also particularly relevant for technical garments, such as those which do not suit embroidery and require an alternative method of decoration.

At Top Embroidery, we have an enviable variety of sizes from as little as 130mm x 75mm to a whopping giant press capacity of 1200mm x 420mm. Although we specialise in printing onto garments and technical clothing, we can also work our magic onto caps, laptop bags, coasters, large banners and even marquees – you name it!


So once we've agreed the layout and material, we'll fire up our specialist software to prepare a design file to work with our cutters. This is a highly accurate process which we have perfected, and we believe this is a key part to producing an excellent finish product. Any surplus material is then removed in a process call weeding and then we will use one of our 10 presses with an appropriate sized platen to activate the adhesive. This will apply the design to the garment and ensure that the result is an outstanding representation of your design.


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