NEW Customer Loyalty Scheme!

We are introducing a new loyalty scheme for our new and existing customers which will present customers with many different rewards!

Our customers are extremely important to us and we take pleasure in rewarding their loyalty to our business when ordering embroidered and printed workwear.

We are in the process of collecting customers’ data to enable us to send out the loyalty cards by post, comprising of a loyalty card and unique rewards ID number.  Please pass the number on to your account manager when placing another order with us so that you can start to redeem your loyalty points!

For every pound you spend with us you will earn one point.

For every 500 points you earn, you will receive £20.00 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers.

logos for loyalty

As well as our loyalty scheme, there will be a range of special one off bonus prizes and gifts available for existing customers only. Winners will be selected at random by one of the production team who work on producing your top quality embroidered and printed workwear. When you open your delivery see if you have received one of the many prizes you are now eligible to win.


We hope that you will be placing an order again with us soon to start claiming your points!

– Top Embroidery Team!

Embroidery Process!

The process of creating the enhanced corporate clothing is fairly simple. Once a client has contacted a member of our sales team they can send over a design specification and their ideas so that we can create a design they are going to be proud to wear. When the ideas from the client have come through it is discussed with our artwork department on how to actually create the specified design.

Artwork will then go onto create the design which also determines the cost as we charge by amount per stitch. The design and sample is sent to the client and if they are happy with what we have created then we will go ahead with the production of the products. This process is completed in 7 easy steps.

  1. The specific logo design is digitised into the correct format
  2. The aforementioned digitised logo is downloaded into our high quality machines
  3. The machines are threaded with the correct colours for the design.
  4. The plain garments are hooped.
  5. The garment is placed into the right position on the machine.
  6. The machine embroiders the logo into the hooped area at high speed.
  7. The completed garment is then sent to Quality Control.

We have 2 six head machines and 9 single head machines making it possible for us to take on big orders and have them completed in a fast turnaround but still ensuring high quality.

– Top Embroidery Team

Working in the Summer!

With high temperatures forecast for the summer months the Trade Union Centres encourage businesses to make the working environment as comfortable as possible. The TUC says that the simplest way to keep staff cool is by letting them leave their formal office attire at home.

Instead of a business completely discarding their dress code rules maybe it would be an idea to introduce a range of corporate clothing instead?

Short sleeve shirts are still formal office attire but able to keep staff cool while still promoting the business on a daily basis. We provide both long and short sleeved shirts, both perfect for all weather conditions.

Men’s Short Sleeve Oxford Shirts

Women’s Short Sleeve Oxford Shirts


– Top Embroidery Team

Why Good Quality Clothes Matter!

We work with a wide range of different brands that provide us with the garments and other products, such as a hats and bags, so that we can in turn provide our clients with the highest possible quality embroidered or printed work-wear.

By working with well established brands it shows that we will only supply our customers with top quality items that are long lasting and help distinguish the client’s professionalism through their clothing and uniform. We are supplied by many different brands therefore giving our clients the choice in how they will dress their workforce.

Having good quality clothes is important. Finding the balance between a garment being aesthetically pleasing and being functional is imperative, especially in the industries that we provide for. The brands we work with provide this balance and then by embroidering and or printing onto the garments we add the extra character that every business should strive for.

Margret Howell wrote for The Guardian online and she has great understanding of why good-quality clothes matter. She raises a very important point of being willing to pay more for something it can be seen as an investment.

Margret Howell article for The Guardian

What we offer is high quality products that when bought in bulk is more cost effective and definitely seen as an investment to the client’s business by distinguishing their brand.

– Top Embroidery Team

Lessons from IBM and Paul Rand!

This article found on QUARTZ was an interesting read and extremely informative about the importance of the branding a business successfully through the use of logo’s.

How to design and enduring logo: Lessons from IBM and Paul Rand.

IBM was founded in June 1911 from the merger of three companies, the Herman Hollerith’s Tabulating Machine Co, the International Time Recording Company and, the Computing Scale Company, to  eventually become known as International Business Machines in 1924. The logo that is still used to this day was designed by the graphic designed and art director, Paul Rand.

The IBM logo has been redesigned and Rand made sure that the logo worked in all conceivable applications. All businesses should have a logo because it solidifies the brand completely and makes a business unique and recognisable.

“The value of the logotype, which is the company’s signature cannot be overestimated.”


- Paul Rand, IBM.

Here at Top Embroidery we provide the service to embroider or print onto a range of different items with any design specification so that businesses can distinguish their brand from others and have strong brand recognition with their customers. We have in fact previously worked with IBM and embroidered their successful logo into workwear,could we do this for you too?

IBM embroidery sample:

– Top Embroidery Team

Brief Snapshot!

We not only produce the customised products under client specification but our headquarters is also in the same building! There is constant communication between production staff and office staff in order to perfect all products first time!

Our production room, some of our machines, our quality control area and our show room!
- Top Embroidery Team

We’re Up and Running Again!


Top Embroidery is owned and managed by a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about providing excellent products and services to our clients. By demonstrating a genuine commitment to our employee’s we can continue to deliver high quality products consistently.

We offer a wide range of products provided by well established brands which we can embroider and print client design specifications onto in order to create high quality workwear and uniforms for businesses. By using leading graphics packages and the best embroidery software in the industry, we can take a design and from it create an embroidery file that will run successfully on our machines. We plan, create, sample and run everything in one place and thrive at demanding and challenging designs.

We are currently in the process of a complete marketing overhaul and this is part of that strategic plan. We have presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pintrest and we are working on being up and running on Twitter and Youtube in the foreseeable future! Please feel free get in contact with us through any of the existing sites, the link is on our blog page.

Bare with us while we strive for excellent quality across all of our sites. We’re stilling learning!

– Top Embroidery Team

Desperately Seeking Finance Supervisor

Finance Supervisor – Part Time
Wokingham, Berkshire

Part time finance supervisor required. To assist the director in the management of a small busy finance department. Good all round experience is necessary and must have a sound knowledge of Sage.

Scope to become full time and take on HR and office management duties.

Appropriate experience and qualifications required.

If this sounds like you please email Steven Turner on with your CV for consideration and we may be welcoming you into our friendly team soon.